Tuesday, September 13, 2005

first day to dance

My little 3 year old starts dance for the first time today. I signed her up for pre-ballet. I really liked this teacher because all her students wear age appropriate outfits and do age appropriate dance moves. It seems like everywhere you look there are little girls with make-up shaking their little hips and I don’t like that . Heidi is my daughter and she loves to dance so I hope to point her in the right direction with ballet.
I love my life. I don’t make much money by being a stay at home mom but I wouldn’t trade jobs with my husband for anything. My sister in law can’t have kids and she is very bitter and angry and has a real chip on her shoulder about it. She and her husband have taken the foster care classes to become foster parents but she is mad at the leaders because they won’t let her have a baby if she works. If she really wants a baby that bad, she will have to probably sell her expensive cars, start shopping at Walmart and cut up her credit cards so she wont HAVE to work but she doesn’t see it. No body has the courage to say that to her either because she is a little venomous. Truthfully, it is probably good they don’t have kids. I can’t imagine how it would be to grow up in her house. They are so critical of those of us in the family who do have kids. Some people have all the answers until they get there. But who am I to judge, I did that too before I had kids of my own. (But no quite so meanly)
Anyway, I am feeling great today and my children are little angels. It is only 8:00am though so give ‘em time! Ha!


Lisa M. said...

I can't beleive that your little girl is three. I just can't.

She is so very beautiful.

I am so proud of you for enrolling her in dance. It is a sacrifice of time, traveling and hauling your other chili's around. (I soooooooooo get that) But what a grand thing for her.

I think you have a pretty good life too!

I as well am grateful that I don't have to work. I feel blessed and lucky.

Maren said...

Hi Melissa,

I found your blog through Lisa's. I knew a lot more about life and taking care of children BEFORE I had my little boy 3 years ago. Now I realize that I don't know anything and what might be true in one instance could be completely wrong in another.

Welcome to the world of blogging!