Friday, September 23, 2005

sibling rivalry

It's amazing isn't it, that siblings still compete or compare with eachother even when they are adults. I do like to think of myself as fairly normal and there is a little competition among my sisters and me.

For instance, our sisters weekend is coming up in October and I have just GOT to lose 10 more pounds so that I am not the chubbiest one!! Also, I want to show them how good I look! The probelm is I love to eat! and I am competeing with women who weight 130 lbs.! Anyway, that is all in fun because we all are very close.

Well, yesterday my little sister called (who is 31 yrs) and told me that K. (my other little sister) told her that I am going to South Dakota for Thankgiving this year to visit relatives my hsuband is really close to instead of coming to her house. Well, my sis S. (the 31 yr old) was feeling bad because they just took 2 years to build a beautiful, huge house and they did EVERYTHING themselves. I am the only one in my family who hasn't seen it yet. They live in California. I have been to visit her many times but before they finished their house. She kept saying things like, I don't think you want to come and you don't care enough to come and things like that. well, I guess on a certain level she is right because I do believe that if a person wants something bad enough, they do it. (Which she did also point out). Well, I started to get tired of defending myself so when she made the comment, "You don't know what it feels like to work for something this hard and have the people you care about not act like they care." At this point I did point out that Yes, I do know how that feels. I worked for 10 years to go to the temple with my husband who is a convert and it was the most inportant thing I had done up to that point in my life and only one sibling showed up for it and that was a sister who couldn't even go in! So yea, I get it! Then she said, well, don't come then and we hung up.

She did call back a few minutes later to apologize and she felt bad and said she had just been feeling onery and was taking it out on me. but it just goes to show how our perceptions work. It is funny how we all feel our world revolves around ourselves and our little families. I don't look at going to S.'s to see a house, I go to see her but she feels bad I haven't seen her house. I felt bad when only 1 of 9 siblings showed up for our sealing yet only one could have gone through and only a couple even are active and have testimonies. That's life.

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Lisa M. said...

Thanks for the day today. You rock.