Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my man

I was talking to my sister T. who lives in Oregon yesterday. She is breaking up with the guy she has been living with for 3 years. He is a really neat guy but not as a husband or boyfriend I guess. Anyway, she was telling me how he gets offended so easily. He gets his feelings hurt over the stupidest things and then holds a grudge and won't speak the rest of the day.

It got me thinking about how lucky I am. I am married to a fantabulous guy. My husband is not offended easily. I love that! If I don't feel like having sex, instead of feeling rejected he just says, "O.K." and turns over. T. told me if she says no, her guy takes it so personally, like she doesn't like him or isn't turned on by him anymore.

My husband and I can be so honest with eachother without fighting. Sometimes he'll say to me that I am being really onery and what's wrong? I will usually be surprised and say I am just tired, or frusterated or whatever and that is the end of that. If he is grabbing at my girl parts and I am not in the mood or if I push his hands away, he will usually laugh and try to talk me into it but if it doesn't work he just says. "O.K." and that's that.

I love it that God sent me a man who just lets the water roll off his back. He never holds a grudge or gives me the silent treatment (anymore). He used to use that tactic when we were first married but I told him he married the wrong gal if he thought that would work. I like to work it out and get it out of the way and that is what we do now. He loves me for who I am and doesn't expect me to change. in any way. If I do, He is pleasantly surprised. If I don't, well then, he's not disappointed is he?
I am a better person for marrying him. More patient, more loving, harder working and lots of other things I won't go into. Don't want to brag!
He also loves to hunt, fish, remodel old cars, loves horses and watch football when he has time. good man and good looking.


Maren said...

Your posts are making me laugh. Thanks. He sounds like a good guy.

Lisa M. said...

Your man is a great guy, Melli. Hang on tight to him, and don't slap his hands away too often!