Monday, September 05, 2005

a new season

Well, a new day is halfway through. I've set up this new blogg with the help of my dear friend Lisa, whose blogg some of you may have read. The computer scene is relatively new to me so if it takes me a while just be patient.
I finished canning peaches today. I feel like such a homemaker. This is my second year to can and I am 35 years old so I am a little bit of a late bloomer. But I like to believe that no matter what your age, it's healthy to start or try something new you have never done before and don't be afraid. I have to admit, I do call my neighbors to ask for advice in cooking and canning all the time. It seems like a miracle that my husband and 4 kids haven't been poisoned by now but the Lord does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes I feel pretty stupid like I should know some of the answers already but it also makes people feel good to help. Remember that when you have a question but are insecure about asking for an answer.
At the moment, I don't have much else to ponder about so maybe I will sign off for now.


Lisa M. said...


Canning is a job! I am so proud of you for doing it! I think you are a lot more domestic than you give yourself credit for.

Thank you for being who You are, and for the example you are too me.

Love ya~


Indiana Lisa said...

Welcome to the "World of Blog". Lisa and I chat and Blog. I was "introduced" by her friend (and now mine) Val. This is a lot of fun but can be addicting. ENJOY.
Indiana Lisa

s'mee said...

welome Melissa! I am impressed with anyone who is still canning. I live in a very hot desert and frankly it's too danged hot to think about heating up all those jars! (if i could only get fruit to ripen in the middle of january)Good blessings on you for doing that for your family! I look forward to more posts!

melissa c said...

Thanks so much for commenting! I love it. I don't usually get the same response from my journal. It's nice to have feedback!