Friday, September 16, 2005

sick and tired

Hello! Today I am sick and tired! For real! I have caught a cold from my kids that they have all gotten over and left me alone in my misery! I didn't sleep well so I really am sick and tired. So, I will do the basic things and then read the 6th Harry Potter book.
Now, there is a little controversy in our ward about Harry Potter. I have a neighbor that won't allow her teenage sons to read it or see the movies. She definately has the right to her apinion and I don't criticize her for it because she is a good friend but I LOVE Harry Potter. When I was young, before Harry was ever born, I used to dream of being magic. I would make up adventures and day dream about it all the time. I think some people are wanting to protect their children fron reading about something that has evil in it. If that is the case, then no more Snow white, Sleeping beauty, Little Mermaid and all the other Walt Disney movies.
My opinion is that the Harry Potter books show the evil in obvious ways. I want my kids to know there are bad things and bad people out there and to always be prepared instead of scared of it. (well, maybe a little scared of it) We have started studying the Book of Mormon every night for the kid's reading time they have to do for school.. It is wonderful because the evil in that book is just as obvious and teaches people what to look out for. Now I am not suggesting that Harry potter is anywhere near the Book of Mormon as far as a teaching tool, I am just saying that maybe people shouldn't get so alfired up about something they have never read. It could have valuable lesson to learn in it.
That is enough of my soap box for one day. I will now lay down on my beautiful king size bed and snuggle up with Harry. It's a good thing I don't have a jealous husband!


Lisa M. said...

I hear ya sister!

I too agree with you. Harry Potter in my opinion is not evil, and as a family has brought on conversations and many discussions in our home.

We have read each book, outloud as a family!

Maren said...

We love Harry Potter. My husband and I read them together. We just finished Book 6 a few weeks ago. It's good reading.

Ana said...

We love Harry, too. But this is coming from a girl whose dad read Lord of the Rings to her as a child. Obviously no qualms about the depiction of evil there.

My four-year-old's preschool, which is run by a Lutheran church, will not sell Harry Potter books at their book fair. Apparently any kind of magic stuff is evil to them, or something. I .... hum, I don't get it. I keep wanting to tell them it's just pretend!