Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm back!

Hello all. I am sorry I haven't been around. To be completely honest, I have been rebelling against my damn computer!!! Excuse my french but there are days when I want to throw it out.

My last blog was actually a week ago. It was a great one and I was really happy with it. To make a long story short, I was editing it and I erased it! I was so irritated that I went on strike from the computer until now. I think another phrase for it is "cutting off my nose to spite my face!"

Do any of you do that? It's the adult way of pouting. It does make me feel better. It's my way of sticking it to the man! Except, I AM the man, ya know? I love that advertisement! It is sooooo me!

Anyway, Lisa tagged me so I will do it over. Here goes.

Four Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:

1. Cutler's cookies. very sweet.
2.EIRI at Utah State University. a little boring.
3.Diet Technician at LDS Hospital. Stressful.
4. Piano teacher. fun

Four Movies You Watch Over and Over
1. So I married an ax murderer. "Heed! Move that gargantuan cranium!" Too funny!
2. Lord of the rings.
3. The Matrix. Neo is sooo sexy.
4. My all time favorite,EVER, "The Count of Monte Cristo". No movie is more romantic.

Four Places You've Lived
1. Eugene, Oregon
2. West Valley City, Utah. (it's not my fault. I was only 4)
3. Venzuela.
4. Honeyville, Utah. The sweetest place on earth

Four TV shows you love to watch
1. Grey's anatomy
2. House. Love him. Want to be able to be that rude some day!
3. 24. edge of my seat tv!
4. Medium

Four Websites you visit daily
1. my bank.
2. my blog
3. your blogs
4. a new favorite.

Four of Your Favorite Foods
1. I hate to be unorigional, but, chocolate. Symphony, to be exact.
2. Mexican. Chimichangas. Love 'em! Not fattening at all.
3. Italian. Olive garden
4. Icecream. Nice just before bed.

Four Places You'd rather be right now
1. Hard one. I like it where I am but,......Hawaii would be nice
2. Disney land. Haven't been there for 31 years.
3. Horse back riding in the mountains
4. Soaking in the tub with a good book. a personal favorite that happens daily.

well, that is it folks. My little life in a nut shell! hope it works this time!
Yolanda, I tag you! Your turn!


Yolanda said...

I feel SO SPECIAL to be tagged next...I'm on it!!

Lisa M. said...

LOL, You are special Y.

M- I am glad you got it worked out.

Not much I didn't know about you, but I am glad... you finally answered your tag.

hey, I need some garbage sacks. Just run some over, would ya?


The Counte of Monte Cristo? Oh my.


Yolanda said...

L-Should I be worried that I am in that "special" category in your mind that is really NOT "special" but other adjectives?