Friday, March 24, 2006

I found them!

I asked a while ago if anyone knew of cute sandals for summer that I could put an insole in. Well, I had totally forgotten about Birkenstocks! I wore them my whole mission! HELLO! So I was just on and ordered me some cute white ones with three straps! I am sooo excited! The problem is that you can't try them on first. Depending on the style, they can feel a little wide or too big. How do I know which styles are true to size? I did read the comments from others with the same shoe! I hope I ordered right! I hate it when you have to send them back for a different size and then have to wait! But Zappos is FAST! They are here within two days!

This is how the story goes. I was in my first area in Venezuela. My feet had been killing me with all the walking we did. I have very low arches and that makes my feet ache after a while. I happened to go on a split with one of the other gals we lived with and we went to a members house where the daughter had been sent a pair of Birkis by her boyfriend who was studying in Germany. At the time, They were NOT in style down there. I don't know that they ever would be! Anyway, They just HAPPENED to fit! They were plane Janes. Brown with two straps and one on the back. The girl told me I could have them. She didn't like them and they didn't fit her either! I paid 20 bucks in american money for them. The only reason she even mentioned them was because I had asked where they sell good shoes! They were not that flattering! I was known as the hermana with the funny shoes! But they were my saviors! I wouldn't have been able to walk at the end of 1 1/2 years otherwise! Small miracles. I've had so many. Thankyou Heavenly Father for caring about little old me!

Anyway, I just remembered how much I loved them!


Yolanda said...

Glad you found some comfy shoes to wear when the weather is sunny!

Now...I am still bound and determined to find you a pair of shoes one might describe as "scandalous..."

melissa c said...

I would be willing to wear scandalous!