Saturday, March 04, 2006

New additions to the farm

For all you dog lovers out there, I have a new addition to my family! I wish I could download pictures here but I time out too fast. Anyway, Lady Genevieve of Cunningham arrived on Monday. She will be hereafter known as Jenny. She is blond and has teeth like little needles! She is a pure bred Golden Retriever. Now mind you, I would have been just as happy with a mut but we would like to have our 9 year old golden's line passed on.

His name is Duke. I had a strong feeling that we should get him when we did too. I got the two parents together and then worked it so I got pick of the litter. Hows that for manipulative? He hasn't saved anyones life that I know of but I know he was supposed to be a part of our family. He is soooo well behaved. He spends most of the time outside because he likes it better. He is never locked up of chained or anything. He never leaves our yard. He sits, stays, lays and leaves the room when asked and I adore him.

Now, Jenny's purpose is not to be a breeding machine. She'll get to be a bird dog and will get a have 2 or 3 litters when she is older someday but we wanted Duke to help us train her because He is so great. Now, he does not have as much patience as I do when she bites down and I have had to hollar at him a couple of times but for the most part he lets her cuddle and play with him and the first night, I was worried because she cried the whole way home but Duke let her cuddle up and we never heard a sound all night!

Some might think I am insane for adding one more thing to my life and I am fully aware that she is pretty much mine and I have to do all the training (since I am the one home) but it is more like therapy for me. It relaxes me and I enjoy it. She is sooooo smart and already potty training fabulously. Seldom has an accident!

My husband pretends I forced him into it but he was just as excited! In fact, he picked her out. He is a sucker for dogs too. And horses, and kitties and all other animal life.

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Yolanda said...

I need to drop my daughter off at YOUR house!! We have two wonderful cats, one is a year old, the other is an older kitten. I thought I was doing pretty good. We've tried dogs, but there have not been any happy endings :( Our neighbors up the street had 5 DARLING puppies that they were giving away...I have never seen alligator tears as big as the ones projecting out of my daughters eyes! My husband knows his limits, and had to tell her "no." Luckily, our other neighbors took in two of the five, and the kids can go and see them whenever they want!! (Very lucky!)

I told her about an old boss I had that has a horse ranch...She has NEVER forgotten, and I get asked on a monthly basis if I could call him and we could ride his horses! I guess it runs in the family, because my own grandfather owned horses, and whenever we visited, we would ride, and ride. SO MANY good memories!

I think it is wonderful you are able to have so many "additions" to your home!!