Wednesday, March 15, 2006

a day of therapy

I hate to think that a woman's moods can be dictated by such a thing as shopping but I think it might be true.

Now, I am admitting here that I never shop at a mall. I always go to Walmart because it's close and cheap. Cheap is the word here. You get what you pay for and many times I buy something there, wear it once, wash it and throw it in the DI bag!

Today, I treated myself to Ross. Don't laugh. I just can't bring myself to waste money at Dillards. Anyway, I bought some really beautiful clothes that are name brand and cost WAY less! The point here is not the price tag. It's the day of freedom and shopping, which I do enjoy, without children! It is theraputic. I don't know why but I feel refreshed! Happy. Prettier. Go figure!

I only spent $100.00 but I got like 5 new tops, a new Easter dress for both my and H. and pantyhose of course! And there is nothing like shopping to make you want to stick to your diet!

I did make a stop at Border's and bought B. a book and myself "the Jester" by James Patterson. I have already read it but love it! Want my own copy!

That's all for now folks!


Lisa M. said...

I feel the same way. Even if it isn't things for me. Shopping has a way of lifting my spirits. Not every time, and NOT when I am looking for something specifically.

I noticed the other day, we stopped at the dollar store, and I gave each one of the kids a limit. And I think that little inexpensive trip, did wonders for us all.

I consider though, a break from routine... has a lot to do with it. Did you take the chili's? Or leave them home.

Something that makes our day different, that adds verve and light.

I have so enjoyed our shopping trips, and I still, will think in my head, I never would have bought this with out Melissa's help. I love this bra. *GRIN*, or These jeans are the ones that Melissa helped me pick out.

I love that you are honest with me. It's great. I know, when I walk out the door with the clothes you helped me pick out, that I look good.

You have a nack for things like that.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

Island Queen said...

I love things like that! Do you have an Old Navy there? I love that place. They have sales with up to 75% off and I can get the kids tons of clothes for very little money.

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. You deserve it!

melissa c said...

Thanks guys! Lisa, I did call you nemerous times to come with but you didn't answer your phone. I would have loved you to come along and no, I left the kids home with B. I was a day of FREEDOM!!!!

Jewel said...

I love taking those days of therapy. I get my nails done every 2 weeks and it is great. It is time that I take and do something just for me. I hope you get another day real soon

Valerie said...

Hi Melissa- yes, shopping can be so thereputic! I swear, part of the therapy is when you find a really good deal. I am also one who won't spend a ton on clothes and I do the WM thing all too often! I love Ross!-