Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are you doing enough?

How much is enough do you suppose? They say if we do our best here, Jesus picks up the slack. Is it the same slack for everyone?

My Mom died 10 years ago. Sometimes I wonder if she did enough. Yes, she had a testimony, yes she tried hard to do what is right but she had alot of faults. She made ALOT of mistakes and I know in my life, I am not that different from her.

There are times when I lose my temper and hit one of my kids. I swear frequently it seems like and I tend to be a little lazy. I told everyone what a wonderful book "the Jester" is and I started reading it again and I had forgotten there was alot of bad stuff in it. Is the story line fantastic? YES! But I am a little embarrassed to have advertised it on an LDS blog. Do I read this kind of trash. You bet. Am I proud of it. No. Do I quit? No. So how do I judge if I am good enough. Do I want to be that good? I happen to like some of my sins. The natural man is an enemy to God. Boy, am I natural! There are even times when I wish I could wear all the cute styles that are sleeveless. One thing I do do though, is I wear my garments always and in the correct way. (I just wanted to make that clarification!)

We had a lesson in Sunday school once about liking our sins too much to give them up. I know I shouldn't watch "R" rated shows. Do I still watch them? Sometimes. Why am I admitting to all of these "sins" on the internet? Because, I know most people are just like me. I am trying to do my best to be my best. I really am,ut I am not a Goddess yet! I am working on it but it is soooo tough!

I love the gospel! I know with all my heart it's true. I also know that we will not all be judged the same. The people who worship different than me will be judged according to their own knowledge. Because I have so much knowledge, I am more resposible. That is a scary thought! Am I doing enough? I don't know. I guess we'll see.


LammyAnn said...

You know, I struggle with this too.
I recently got called to teh HFPE board...and when the HFPE leader mentioned she was moving...and that I'd be the perfect first instinct was the shout "HECK NO". But really what I should be saying is "Ok, I'll do whatever is needed."
It's a small thing.. and usually I joke about the callings I've held.. but in reality.. I should be saying "Whatever is needed.
Am I doing enough??

Island Queen said...

See Melissa - this is why I like you so much! :-) Thanks for putting this out there. I have been having the same thought for the past year. I've always had it off and on but consitantly the past year.

Are we doing enough? Are we good enough? I don't know. I too think of all my sins and think - dang. But as long as we recognize the fact that we do have sins and aren't perfect - then we are still teachable. We are humble enough to admit our imperfections - then we are still on the path of progression. Yep - we may be in our 30's. But you know - I know I'm much more ..hmm.. don't know if righteous is the right word. But I have a better, deeper understanding of the Gospel now than I did in my 20's. And I feel as the years go on I will continue to progress and be better than I am today.

You will too. :-)

Yolanda said...

Line by line...season by season...God does not expect us to immediately be perfect in all things!! He is the reader of something much more valuable, and often less visible...and that is the intentions of our hearts, and actions!

(And BOY does that leave me with MANY lines to work on...)

Melissa: From one sailor to another, I know how it is to utilize "verbal" expressions...Thank heaven for kids that keep you on your toes!!

LammyAnn: Just be grateful you are not the adult, Gospel Doctrine instructor for the OLD TESTAMENT...Give me the HFPE board over Isaiah ANYTIME!!

Island Queen: Isn't progression WONDERFUL!? I think one of the reasons why we "think" of "are we doing enough?" is because Satan wants us to doubt our abilities by letting us see in full focus all of our know what they say about weaknesses...strength in its earliest form (if we allow it!)

I LOVED all your comments! Great topic, Melissa!

lammyann said...

Point taken. Hated that calling! ack.
I never feel smart enough!
I'm always grateful to have a calling where I"m just incharge of myself.
It just doesn't happen enough!
Great topic.

Lisa M. said...

Melissa, you definatly don't do enough. WHY hell, I haven't had any cookies delivered lately.


Lisa M. said...


You knew I was kidding.

These people don't really know my bland and horrid sense of humour.

Oh, I was in Park City the day you went shopping, watching a water polo match.

We won. It was good.

Vix has a boy.


lammyann said...

lis---totally know you and your humor. Dry and corny! lol

melissa c said...

Wonderful comments! Love it. I'd decided to be perfectly honest. I have noticed that the more friends I make here blogging, the less I want to admit the truth. I find I want to put my best foot forward but that is not why I started blogging. I wanted an avenue where I could really delve into me ans what I think and feel. you know? By the way, I may be an idiot, but what does HFPE stand for?