Tuesday, March 28, 2006

new news

It's raining outside today. Just a drizzling rain and grey clouds. The perfect day to stay inside, watch movies and fold laundry! I love doing that. I did need to leave the safety of my humble abode to take H. to preschool and to pick up J from piano. But other than that, I am staying inside! It would be a good day to make cookies too but they're not on my diet! I am stuck at 148. I go up a couple of lbs but never do I go down! It is frustrating!

My little Jehova's whitness friend came by yesterday. We have "Bible study" together. It is very interesting. You all aught to try it! This lady comes alone and only stays for a half hour. She is teaching me what the bible REALLY teaches. She is not pushy or rude and I share out of the Book of mormon a little too. I use it as a missionary oppurtunity. I don't push her either but explain how I believe after she explains what her bible teaches. They use a different version and according to her, our version is not an accurate one. I say I agree and that it is a dang good thing we have the Book of Mormon to clear things up! I have a feeling she and I will become good friends.

I am going to make a goal. I am not going to swear anymore! I have to admit, I have a problem. My husband calls me on it when he dares and my kids do too. I am not a good example to my children on what it means to have clean language so I will keep you posted. So far today I don't think I have made any slips!


Island Queen said...

I have been thinking about quitting swearing. I really brought it to my attention when I actually admitted it on my blog!!

Good luck to you!! Wish the same for me :-)

melissa c said...

I've already failed at my goal! I think I will swear less when my foster son goes home!! I hope so!

Yolanda said...

I read somewhere that it's a good idea to try and substitute words that begin with a similar sound as the "offending" words...Such as "sugar" for s***...It's like it becomes a new, silly, non-offending way to vent in lieu of swearing... I'm thinking of having a jar in my house where if I swear, my kids can collect a quarter from me,and put it in the jar. They are like the "swearing patrol"...they are VERY good at letting me know when I'm not being "appropriate!" Then with the money, they can do whatever they want with it. Good luck to us!! Melissa, Island Queen...Here's to leaving our s*** behind us!! (Does that mean I can't notate swearing either?!)

melissa c said...

I tried the money thing but I usually was bratty enough about it that I wouldn't pay! How's that for mature!

Jewel said...

I have the same problem, especially when I get around my 20 yr old son. He has quite a mouth and likes to argue. So I loose it and the swearing starts. I keep trying not to swear and I do pretty good most of the time. Just need to control myself arond my son. Everyone have a great day.