Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A blah week

I need to write SOMETHING as I am so tired of looking at my picture! Nothing exciting has happened that I feel like writing about though. So.....

I have felt a little sick all week. I haven't worked out since last Tuesday. I feel really tired, nauseous and head achy. Not too bad but bad enough that I want to sit in bed and do nothing.

I can't get my new hair cut to look like the stylist did. It's maddening.

I am reading "The Stand". It's ok. Not that well written in my opinion but the more you get in to it, the harder it is to lay down. It's a good book for Halloween week.

Bryan avoids me. I must be ornery.

The house is a mess and it doesn't it concern me.

I hope I start feeling better soon!


Tash said...

we are playing skype tag..lol tag ur it. im sry ur having a bad week. i understand a little down myself. Miss you something terrible. wish we could get together lol. i promise if were in kemmerer next well make plans ok. take a long hot bath and read something fun :) ill talk to u soon.

Yolanda said...

Hey--did you finish reading "The Shack?" I'm about half way through, and I can't decide if I like it or not? Is the ending worth it?

Hope your "blah" turns into "boo-tiful?!" (Ha Ha Ha!)


Lisa M. said...

This must be a clear call for a girls night out. Can't you tell? I mean, really. You are calling me. I can sense it.

We need to do something fun. Something more than dinner out.

Lets see.

*Tapping fingers*

Lets drive to LOGAN for dinner and then back to Idle Isle, for dessert. HA!

Jennie said...

i sure hope you feel better too!

and... doesn't is annoy you that hairstyles can never look as good as they did when the stylist did them!

aarrgh! that is why i always take a pic when i get home.. it helps me remember what its supposed to look like! lol!

feel better!

Maggie May said...

we all have weeks like that!