Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A sad story

I got a letter today from Gabe and Wyatt's birth mom. We have become good friends and I really love her. I can look at her situation and my heart goes out to her. Maybe I'll write a novel someday about her story.

Anyway, I had sent her a copy of the story I wrote for Peach Days that had won first place. She told me today that she has passed it around to some of the other women who are there with her at the point of the mountain. (the prison down in Bluffdale, UT) and that they all really liked it. Some even cried. I thought that was so cute! So, now I'm famous! he he!

I hope things all work out for her some day. She is having a terrible time with losing all 5 of her kids. She takes full responsibility and it is very painful for her. I am so grateful to be able to have Wyatt and Gabe and hope they can have a relationship with their birth mom someday. She has a good heart and wants to do what's right. She was dealt a sad hand from the very beginning. Her mother started her using drugs when she was 13. It was a lose-lose situation. Say a prayer for her.

Well, have a good night all!


Tash said...

Its always amazing to me the situations these moms are in. and they just had no chance with how they were raised. its sad. im glad ur still in contact. emma's birth mom doesnt have a job..and is unraveling fast as suprise. very sad. im sitting here freezing my butt off in this lovely wyoming weather...who would willing live in this? lol love ya

Maggie May said...

That's great you have that empathy for her. I feel the same. My husband and I want to adopt...we have three and are looking to foster/adopt, we just went to our first class. How did you go about it?