Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Babies!!

I haven't taken pictures yet but we had puppies last night! There were five born but one was born dead. At least I think it was. I finally fell asleep. She had them during the night.

They are absolutely adorable! Two little girls and two little boys. 2 brown and 2 black.

Even though she is a pure bred Shi Tzus, she mated with a pure bred Australian Shepherd. I don't' know how they did it but the pups look like little Border Collies! SO cute. I'm tempted to keep one. They were born the right size for her to deliver but who knows how big they'll get.

Cookie did so good. She must have been exhausted by the time she was done. She looks a mess today but I'll give her a couple days before I bathe her. She never leaves them and is such a good mommy. I'm proud of her.

Well, that's it. Off for now!


Yolanda said...

LOVE your new look!!!!

Julie Wright said...

How fun to get new puppies!! I wandered over here from writing on the wall and noticed you love SO I Married an Axe Murderer. I LOVED that movie and had to comment here so I could say you have awesome taste.

Wog said...

congratulations!!! :) I love puppies!!!

Maggie May said...

ooooo cuute! i can't wait to see pictures.