Monday, October 20, 2008

Rude people

Oh my word!I can't believe how rude some people are! I just called to cancel a credit card. The guy kept pestering me about wanting to close it. He asked my if I had any other cards and I told him I had one more that I was paying off. He asked why I wanted to keep that one and not this one. I told him it was because of the 0% financing on the other.

So get this, he said he'd reset the 0% on this one so I'd keep it. I told him they should have done that when I called asked them to, two months ago!!! I have one bill I am trying to pay off and then that card will not be used either!.

The guy was so belligerent that he ended up hanging up on me at the end! I wasn't even being rude or raising my voice or anything. I just kept saying, "can I please just close this account?"

Amazing! He acted as though I were personally offending him for wanting it closed. Weird.

Now I can't even remember what I was originally going to write about! lol. Anyway, if I remember, I'll write another post! Have a good one.


Tash said...

credit card companies are the worst to deal with!! cause if you cancel they dont get money!! just be carefull of canceling because it can hurt ur credit to close to many accounts. its better to keep them and have them with no balances sometimes than closing them...just a thought. had fun playing today... :) wow rules hehe

melissa c said...

It's also not good to have a bunch open and empty. I'm not too worried. We have really good credit, especially with out business.

I could care less if we had any cards at all. We have everything we need.

Jennie said...

how rude!

oh... and i love the new look of your blog!