Friday, October 17, 2008

Big fat lie!

I haven't written anything because I didn't have anything new to say. Nothing exciting has happened except for the normal stuff. You know, dealing with kids who constantly do things they aren't supposed to and then lie about it.

It's funny, you know because most of the time, I know exactly "who done it" and yet they persist in their lies!!! It is infuriating! The new punishment is an automatic 100 line writing assignment for lying.

I keep telling the kids that it's better to get in a little trouble for what they did wrong than a lot of trouble for lying about it! We'll see. It's a constant, everyday battle and the 13 yr old is just as bad if not worse than the 4 yr old!! ARGGGG! Thank heavens for Warcraft!


Jeri said...

Yeah - I'm with you.
I just had a worrisome conversation with my 8 year old about how he seems to just follow anything his friends says.
I used the old "if TJ told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?"
he rolled his eyes and said "that's dumb mom, TJ wouldn't tell me to do that."
I asked, "what if he told you to lie to me, what would you do?"
Without even batting an eye, he said, "I'd probably lie to you."
then continued, "it's better to lie than to get in trouble."

uuuummmmmm NO - WRONG ANSWER!!!!

What's a mom to do???

Maggie May said...

lying oye. we went through a bout of that with the oldest a half year ago. i think it's one of those things that is just a constant modeling we have to do that seeps in them over time.