Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I am finally getting to Halloween stuff! I wanted to wait to post so I could share some fun pics with you all.

I took my kids to my sister's house. All the sisters were there and we had this huge group of kids trick or treating together. It was so fun. We all dressed up too. It's not too common for adults to dress up just to take the kids out and we all showed up in costume. Guess we all share the same sick mind! Anyhoo, here are some of the fun things we did!


Tash said...

fun!!! i really like heidi's costume lol. i think its cute u dressed up. i wore a shirt that had a dog on a pile of bones that said does not play well with others lol..guess were all kids at heart!!

Yolanda said...

I love the one of you and your daughter!!