Monday, November 10, 2008

What a day

What a morning! It seems all my kids have gone through this 2 day flu. This morning, Gabe got up saying he threw up in his bed. Then I found out that it was his pillow and it was only a little wet.

Then he said that Heidi had put water on his pillow. I swear, that kids never tells the truth. He's only four though so I cut him a little slack. As the morning wore on, he claimed he wasn't sick anymore. So I gave him breakfast and as I loaded the dishwasher, he stood up, and started projectile vomiting!!!

I started screaming for him to run to the bathroom. He left a trail all the way there! Unbelievable!

I am so sad about this. Because not only do I have a sick child, but my dear friend Natasha is in town to pack her house up. She has moved to Wyoming as her husband got a job there. I was going to help her pack and clean. We don't get to see each other often anymore so this brought me down.

I have really missed her and have been pretty depressed about her move. It was really sudden and I have been in mourning. She is that friend that you call up every time you go shopping. We always went everywhere together and I REALLY miss it! I have no desire to even shop anymore! lol. But seriously, it has been super hard. It feels like someone has died. They are just gone, suddenly. I cry about it all the time. For a while I was really angry. I guess I'm just going through the stages.

Denial: She is coming back. There is no way in hell she would want to live in a camper for the next year in Wyoming for pete's sake!!

Anger: What the crap is she thinking? This is not right and she is making a big mistake!! How could she be so stupid?! I can't wait to say I told you so!

Bargaining: Please God, Bring her back and I will never sin again! I need her! Don't you care about me?

Depression: I cry all the time, no motivation. Try to fill up my time writing and playing Warcraft. Poor kids have an ornery mom.

Acceptance: I understand. She needs to be with her husband. Husbands take precedence after all. I would do the same. (NOT!! No way would I EVER live in a camper with 5 kids!) We can still keep in touch in all the usual ways. It will be OK.

I don't believe I go through these stages all in order. Or at least, I seem to feel them at the same time or backtrack. Needless to say. I'm grieving.

So, today I will go on as usual because I have to. Because that is what I do.


Tash said...

Im sry about your morning :( not fun and i was planning on u being here every second..darn kids lol. i know i go through those stages i told you the only thing i will miss about this move is you. and its true. as i sit in my trailer trying to keep my chin up for my husband thinking i could be back home with melissa doing our thing lol. your friendship has meant so much to me. and im so grateful for it!! love ya tons. and hopefully well get together this im counting on it sick kids or not hehe..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. It's hard having a friend move away, I think it is hard enough to find a true female friend, then lose one-yuck! I hate being the mom during flu season-good luck on clean-up.

Lisa said...

Bloody hell.

Call me, I'll go shopping.