Sunday, July 13, 2008

We're Back!

I have to say that I have never had such a fun, relaxing vacation ever! This was so fun!

We left on Thursday afternoon and headed for fun. We stopped and ate in Price at KFC and it made me feel yucky. We got to Moab at 8:30pm and it was hot and beautiful.

Our room had 3 queen beds which was nice and an air conditioner that kind of worked! We quickly changed into our suits and headed out to the pool. They had a water slide there that the kids loved. I had given them strict instructions not to splash me because I didn't want to get my hair wet. That didn't last long. We had such a great time and didn't go in until they closed the pool to kids at 10.

The first night was terrible. The beds were as hard as the floors and Heidi, who slept with me, kept me awake all night. Seth talked in his sleep and I didn't realize he was asleep so I kept yelling at him to be quiet and "GO TO SLEEP"! Finally Bry say, "He's asleep, Melissa." to make me stop telling him to be quiet! And he also snores really bad. Mainly from his allergies. Bry snored some too. Not only that, but the little fridge in our room kept making these weird pinging noises all night long. ARGGG!

Now I am a light sleeper and let me just say, I didn't sleep much! I can look back on it now and it makes me laugh but at the time! MAN!

So I unplugged the fridge, put Heidi in a different bed, gave Seth some essential oil called "Breezy" that I use on Bry, and a Sudafed and got in bed with my book "The Host".

At Midnight Bryan begged me to turn out the light.
I slept much better that night.

We went to Arches and hiked around in the hundred degree heat and also had a little picnic. The kids loved it and so did I. It was so peaceful there.

On Saturday we went to the Moab Adventure Center and they bussed us the to Colorado river for our day of adventure of Rafting for the cure. We were assigned the most darling little guide. He was this cute, returned missionary and everyone called him "buckets" Because he always carried a bucket in his boat that he used to douse the other boaters with when we had water fights. Which happened frequently as our boat had the most kids! We were put with another darling family from Belgium. The mom and dad could speak English but the girl and boy who were about 12 and 10 couldn't. We all got on as though we had known each other for years. They were fantastic. Buckets made Jake captain and we had to do what ever he directed which was to attack every boat we could get to. The other boats just loved us! They got even though, when they all ganged up on us at the same time!

We stopped for lunch at the beautiful Red Cliffs Lodge. It was a HUGE lunch and everyone ate until we were stuffed. I met so many great people there.

Bry had never once gotten in the river. He's not a swimmer and had no desire. Jake had snuck up on me and pushed me in and Bry pulled me back in and I push us both over the other side. I thought it would be funny! He did not! But he was a good sport about it after he had drowned me. He doesn't play fair!

We did get a little sunburned but not bad. We ate great food the whole time and had great fun! It was perfect but I have to admit, I couldn't wait to get home to my 2 little boys. I hated that they weren't there.

The kids fell in love with Moab and already are begging to go back again. They want to go every year. Guess we'll need to take up biking now!

Oh, by the way, I forgot my camera, yes, I know, Don't say it. And will post some pics from the disposable I bought when I get them developed!

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Jeri said...

so I'm not allowed to say... "YOU FORGOT THE CAMERA????

I'm so glad you had a great time. will as much water fighting that you did - it's probably a good thing you left the camera at home. Ya know what I mean???