Sunday, July 06, 2008

Old age

OK, so I turn 38 in a couple of weeks. Most people would think that this is still very young and to some it is. Although age does seem to sneak up on you and take you by surprise, I'm still amazed at how quickly it sneaks it's little head in!

For Example---I have a terrible memory. I think it must be a birth defect because I am positive that I have always had this problem. I mean seriously. Listen to this. Last fall, When I was just getting interested in writing, a friend of mine suggested buying a book called "38 most common mistakes in fiction writing". So I did. Well, I just couldn't get in to the story I was writing for one reason or another and I let it go.

Just a few weeks ago, after starting this book I am writing now, I remembered that book and that I ought to have it in helping me write this story. So I got online, bought it and waited anxiously for it to arrive. Two days ago it came. Yippee! I started reading and thought "this all seems very familiar." Well, guess what. Yep, you got it. I had already bought it and couldn't even remember that I had!! This is actually an everyday occurrence for me but I digress.

So, then I go and look in the mirror. When did those wrinkles show up? I look at my arms. Are those freckles? Um, no. Those are called sun spots. They are much larger than freckles and not nearly as cute.

I put on my "Fat" skirt today to wear to church and what??? I have to actually PULL it together to zip up. Now I swear! I don't eat any different than I have for the whole rest of my life and yet, I'm carrying extra baggage on my hips, thighs and rear end. The rear end is actually fine since I've never had one before but I would really like to take that back and hips stuff and transfer it up top.

So I diet and try to exercise. Low and behold, the aging process comes in to play again. Every time I do something physical, Some other part of my body falls apart. Either my neck aches, or my upper back hurts between the shoulder blades, or the sacrum goes out and pinches a few nerves, or the fallen arches come in to play, not to mention the cuboid bone in my foot who never wants to play! So I give up on exercise for a while and just diet. But to lose weight at this point without the physical side, I have to literally starve!

Ya, I think I will just embrace my old age as it comes. Even though it is coming a little early, what you resist, persists. Right?


S'mee said...

Tribal women have skin with popping veins and accentuated tendons, thick calloused feet, sagging -almost empty- breasts, bottoms without muscle or shape- just the sharp curve of the pelvis, no hair on their scalp to speak of, and milk white eyes, and few teeth; and yet they are admired as the work horses of their day, the wisdom of the present and the guardians of tribe in their death. They are praised and admired always. Here's to being a tribal woman!

Look at the wisdom behind your eyes, the strength in your hands, the laughter in your wrinkles. Your hips and breasts may not be as pert and full as before, but they are still full of curve and softness. Your legs are still soft and comforting, your hair may be thinner but it's still there.

Better yet, ask your hubby what *he* thinks. I bet he still finds you amazing, sun spots, wrinkles and shifting weight. You are not 17, you have evolved. You are the woman you were designed to be...even better.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the body falling apart! My 38th is looming (October) and I can't believe I am that old! But the mirror confirms it. My 20th HS reunion is this year. I can't believe it has been that long. Happy Birthday and here's to 60 more!

Charlotte said...

I bet anything that your wrinkles are smile wrinkles though. Those are my favorite kind.

melissa c said...

this was a great post!

melissa c said...

Want to hear something funny! I couldn't understand why I wasn't getting any comments! I had changed my setting so I wouldn't get span or unfriendly comments and didn't realize I had to look at "moderate comments" to see them!

I guess reading the directions would help!!

Yolanda said...

That's your "old age" kicking in..!!

(from your old friend...Yolanda...38 in December...; ) )

Anonymous said...

You write so good. Wait till you're my age! You have another 10 years. Even tho the body goes and aches and sags and holds on weight I love the emotional part that comes with age. Where you finally don't care what people think, Where you can speak yaour mind and you feel more at peace and coomfortable with yourself, When you can be real and honest with people since your self eesteem is usually better by now and the assurity with self has kicked in. I'm enjoying your blogs. See you soon.

Your big Sis