Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I was reading Jeri's post and I love how she does a weekly gratitude entry. I think I need to do that today because to be honest, I feel really depressed right now.

I know it is hormonal. I get PMDD I think. I say "I think" because I have never been officially diagnosed but I don't need a man to tell me I feel like @$%&.

Anyway, part of the problem is I am not getting sleep. My husband has now had a really bad cough that seems to act up only at night. It lasts from about 2 on. I am starting to get mad. He won't make an appointment with the doctor of course and it just keeps going. I think he may have walking pneumonia or something.

I finally made an appointment for him although it really irritates me that I have to do it. He teases me when I do things like this and says "You're not my mother". I could go on from here with something really good but I would regret it later!!!

So, here I sit at 6am. I have been up since about 4 probably. I soaked in the tub, finished my book, the guardian, which was so good and came back in to do this.

It will hit me later how tired I am and I will feel like crap for the rest of the day. I have had a hard time getting any running in because It is either too dark when I am up or I am too tired by the time it's light enough.

I better stop because I feel my anger rising as I think about it! lol

So, good morning, good day, and good night.


chronicler said...

It is so hard having little ones and goals! Then add a husband to the mix and some days it is hardly worth the effort. I completely understand your frustration. When he begins coughing again, get up and move to another room. I have found this is the only way to save your sanity. He'll ask you why you got out of bed and you can nicely tell him, the coughing interrupted your sleep and you just had to move.

Then maybe he'll understand your need to make appointments for him.

Tash said...

u must have been thinking of me up all night last night!! men are just stupid when it comes to being sick. id like to lock them in a closet and tell them to come out when they grow up lol but they would never come out lol. oh well what do u do with them lol tash

melissa c said...

Too true! Although I think I will just kick him out the next time! lol

He did go to the doctor today and got an antibiotic and a heavy duty cough suppressant. Hopefully it works!