Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tomato Soup

I just want to sing the praises of tomato soup. It is one of those things that makes me feel at home. It is the best coupled with grilled cheese sandwiches. I love it hot on a cold day.

There are some things in life that just make you feel good. A warm fire, soft sheets, big windows, the ocean crashing against the sand. I love feeling cozy. I love it. I don't know why it is such a strong feeling for me but I feel a need to be cozy all the time. I like it warm, whether I'm bundles up in jammies and a soft robe with fuzzy socks or soaking in a steaming tub.

I like the weight of heavy blankets. Even in the summer. If I get too hot, I just kick them off. I do not like air conditioners turned up too high. I like it just to where the heat is bearable and comfy. It's funny, but I get in the car with someone like Lisa and have to turn the air down. She laughs and knows I should have been born in some tropical paradise.

I remember one experience while I was waiting for my mission call. I was in Cedar City going to school. I was walking home from class at my least favorite time of day, (around 4:00pm)(don't know why I don't like that time of day but I never have) and I remember praying to Heavenly Father to PLEASE send me somewhere warm. At the time I was freezing my buns off while the wind whipped around me. I now have a firm testimony of the power of prayer. That was one of my most earnest prayers and He heard me. I went to Venezuela and was so hot I would get sick. (once in a while!) Oh well, You can't have it all!

Anyway, to sum up, that is why I like tomato soup. It is hot, cozy, tasty and makes me forget when it's late afternoon.


Ambie T. said...

Hey Lady- We had so much fun on Friday. Naomi was asking if we could go to Honeyville today. So sweet. I was able to stave her off by mentioning our upcoming trips with your guys!

So I did the flower thing and would you believe I am a snapdragon too?! It doesn't surprise me, for as Anne Shirley would say "We are kindred spirits"!

Lisa said...

Ah, you're right, I freeze you out, all the time. There is nothing more soothing to me, than a gentle breeze on my face, any time of the year. Warm air, or cool, I just like a breeze.

I've found I like to be cozy, when the room is nice and cool. I used to think I was someone who couldn't do, blankets and socks even.

Lately I've been keeping my room nice and chilly, and I've found the wonder of warm quilts and being *cozy*.

Ah tomato soup. Do you know, I don't love it? I love tomato based soups. Minestrone, tomato macaroni, ect. But, not just plain tomato. I fix it often for my family though, especially with grilled cheese.

I never get into the bath tub, to read a book, with out thinking of you. Always do you fleet across my mind.

I've never known anyone who really enjoys that, like you do. You've taught me to take a few minutes for myself, and to enjoy the soft bubbles and quiet relaxation of a bath.

I think it is funny, people might think "Oh she loves to read", but.. seriously you devourer the written word. I love that about you.

I love that you know what you love. That you know who you are, and what your limitations are. I wish I were more like you. Truly.

This book I'm reading now, "Harvesting of the Heart", I want you to read, so we can discuss it.

I think we need our own local book club.

Get right on that, would ya?

(Sorry I missed your call today, I was in Park City at a water polo game)

S'mee said...

Love "tommy soup". Love being bundled. Know what it means to be "heat sick", literally. I am weird that way. I am only comfortable between 68-78, above or below that and I feel frozen or fried. Drives everyone else nuts.

I think that is one of the best things I enjoy about "being old" - suddenly I feel like it's o.k. to ask for the things I want and need, without guilt, without feeling like an imposition. Not overbearing, not entitled, more like "it's ask". Sometimes it works, others no. But still o.k. to ask for what I want.

Finally got soft sheets, heavy blankets, and a seat warmer in the car.