Monday, March 17, 2008

What a week! Our Shi Tzu (sp?) had 2 little puppies on Wed. A boy and a girl. SO cute. Tash's dog is the father and she is taking one but hasn't decided which yet. I'll sell the other for $400 if anyone is interested. They are half Shi tzu and half Yorkie/Maltese. Her last batch was so cute too. It is a good mix. It gets rid of the problems most pure breads have.

Then, on Thurs, I went to temple square with My sister who was visiting and her new boyfriend. He is a golden contact and I honestly think there is a good chance he will join the church. We saw the Joseph Smith movie which I cried clear through of course. We Had lunch in the Garden Restaurant, and toured the grounds. It was really neat. I haven't done that in a while.

One funny thing. We decided to tour the Bee hive house where Brigham Young lived and we were in that first room where people could ask questions before you start the tour and there was this guy at the back who started asking questions like, "How many wives did Brigham have?" and "I heard Joseph smith had 49 wives" and was just sounding a little antagonistic. The 2 missionary sisters did well under the barrage but when He finally asked, "If they brought polygamy back would you do it???" The missionaries just stood there all quiets so I chimed in. I raised my hand and said, "Heck ya, I would. Think of all the help you'd get with baby sitting, cooking, laundry. It would be great!" Eveyone laughed and it diffused the moment. We started the tour, and I stayed between my little investigator and that guy! Like a big mama bear! But it turned out ok. I honestly don't have problems with questions on polygamy. They don't bother me at all. Ya, we practiced it, ya, there are bad rumors about some of the things that happened, ya, there were people who abused it and yes, there were some really good stories about it too. No big deal.

We went to Hardware ranch the next day and played "Settlers" as much as we could. What a fun weekend and my kids loved R, the new boyfriend. I hope she keeps this guy.

I feel guilty because my neck was hurting and I didn't feel good so I skipped church. I always feel like I am sluffing when I could have forced myself to go! Oh well. Have a great week folks!


Yolanda said...

Shi tzu puppies are the CUTEST!!

Way to go with the comment--Can't stand people who put the LDS faith under one huge umbrella of extremes...

S'mee said...

Our #3 served on Temple Square and the stories she can tell! There *are* regulars who come just to inflict contention and add antagonistic remarks on sincere guests and the sisters themselves.

Glad you and your guest had a good experience despite the bad seed in your group.

Lisa M. said...

Oh am so glad to hear that you go to go. I've been wondering! I tried to call about the Promonade, but didn't get through.

*smile* I think that is just neat, and I LOVE your sister. She deserves to be happy.

Keep in touch!

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