Friday, March 21, 2008

Here's the latest. After having my fillings done, I had one tooth that has been really bothering me. I finally went back in a week after and had an x-ray. I have been fighting off a cold and the x-ray showed my sinuses sitting right on that tooth. Also, it is a deep filling. close to the nerve, I had a dentist a long time ago tell me that this particular tooth would probably need a root canal in the future. Maybe the future has caught up with me!

Anyway, I bought a heavy duty decongestant and my tooth isn't bothering me as much! But I don't want it to bother me every time I catch a cold either.

Today we colored Easter eggs. Always fun. Bry has been sick forever. I wonder if his mono came back and has just wiped him out. He can't seem to get over these colds the kids bring home.

Oh, on Monday night, I took Wyatt to the emergency room..He caught the cold the other kids had and at midnight woke up and looked like he was having an asthma attack. They gave him a breathing treatment and a shot of steroid and an antibiotic because he also has his very first ear infection. He is doing great now though. Just a little stuffy, otherwise, over his cold.

So there it is. My very exciting week!


Jeri said...

oh wow - you're having a grand old time! Won't we all be so glad when this horrible season of sickness is finally over??? I'm glad Wyatt's ok - sick babies are so scary! they are just so little and everything can turn into a big deal so quickly...

get better soon! love ya

Yolanda said...

It seems like someone is always sick on or during any holiday...My son is STILL struggling with a cough that started almost 3 weeks ago...


Lisa M. said...

You so forgot our jewelry excursion.

Goodness, don't I count AT ALL