Friday, December 07, 2007


This is the picture we attached to our Christmas Card. I love it. I think it turned out good but I have cut my hair since then. I have decided I like it short. It looks good.

I have also figured out how to send my pictures online to Walmart to be printed. That saves me time and money. Love that. Got the idea for Lisa.

So, I am feeling so much better. I am so glad to not feel so tired and sick. What a good feeling to have my health back. I want to start running again but am afraid to start. Does anyone know that feeling?

It is hard to describe. I don't want to fail. I don't want it to hurt, I want to be able to run like the wind and am afraid it wont be that way. I need to just start. I miss the high I used to feel when I ran. I have gained 10 pounds this year and my body feels yucky. I don't want to get old and fall apart and yet, I am afraid to start. Explain that one to me!

So I will attempt it today, if I can force myself.... he he


Charlotte said...

Your family looks great and so do you.

Good luck with the running thing. I gave up running about a year after I moved to Logan. I don't know if I'm allergic to cache valley or what, but I couldn't breathe anymore while running. Anyway, now I walk. It takes about twice as long to get a good workout, but I'm much more able to motivate myself to get out the door.

It sounds like you enjoyed the actual process of running though--I never really did.

Jeri said...

hey there girl - If it were me, I'd hold off on the running thing. I know you're FEELING better, but your body is still trying to recoup. If you jump in head first and full speed ahead, you may be setting yourself up for a relapse. Do what you think is best - just be careful - you still have lots of extra demands and stresses going on, so you're body is already extra vulnerable. I'd hate to see you get waylaid again.!

As I already email you... I LOVE the picture!

melissa c said...

you are probably right Jeri. I keep thinking that too but how do I know when I should start? That is my question. I will start out walking and go slow though.

Thnks my dear. Sure love you

Yolanda said...

Your picture ROCKS!!!! I've been showing everyone my "blogging friend," who I love and have never met! Hopefully...and it is a BIG hopefully...We will get our cards out this year (it's hit and miss with us!)

Jennie said...

this is a wonderful picture! what a beautiful family!!

Tonya said...

Very beautiful picture of your family. I love it when everyone is white in a picture.