Thursday, July 05, 2007

What a fabulous Day!I got up and made apple Cinnamon pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast. We left for the Honeyville parade which was small but the kids got so much candy that I actually through some of it away! Naughty mommy!

The whole fan damly came up for the park fun which you can see here. There were pie eating contest, and a contest to catch live trout in a pond with your bare hands, and all sorts of other fun. I got sunburned there!

We came home to our house and for the first time in ages, all 5 of us girls were together! We basically played "Settlers" all day and in the evening, had a bar b que. Ike is the dog you see here. He is my sister's dog. He smiles. Can you see it? I am in the background.

These were the fireworks that night. They were fabulous! They went on steadily for a half hour! With wonderful music. I kept thinking that this had to be it and then it would keep going! The family loved it. No one could believe how long and wonderful they were! LOVE that!

Seth here, was in the pie eating contest next to his cousin. He barely at the top crust! I think he just wanted the pie and couldn't care less if he won or not!

What a great day. The food, fun and family were all perfect. I love a good holiday!

This last picture is of the boys on the ride home. It was after 11:00pm and they were tired and ornery! A good way to end the day!


Jennie said...

how fun!! don't you just love family holidays! they are the best! we went to the hyrum parade and got BURNT! it sure was fun though!

fun to see your family!

Charlotte said...

The fireworks picture is AWESOME! I can never get night pictures to turn out.

Your family pictures are cute too.

Lisa M. said...

It was a WONDERFUL day-

I love your smile-

YOU are so not moving.