Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The land of the free

What wonderful women you all are! How I love you! How I love your support! I'm sure we all have days like I did on Sunday. My pitty party is over though so thank you!

Tomorrow is the 4th! It is my all time favorite! There is something wonderful about it for me. Not just what it means. The freedoms we enjoy and the wonderful men and women out there working to keep it that way but just the ambiance of the day.

The hot summer smell, bar-b-q's, the smell of the sun on the grass, the smell of runners coming over the finish line at the local 5k race, the smell of horses in the parade, the smell of the fireworks exploding overhead. I love it all! I have a very sensitive smeller and I have always been affected physically and mentally by the smells around me.

When I am pregnant it is awful but like now, when farmers cut their alphapha, I love to roll my window down to let it waft in.

The 4th has an affect that makes me feel nostalgic. Like a kid again. It's all about fish ponds and pie eating contests! I LOVE IT!!!

Plus, my b -day is in July, and then there is the 24th which is a lot like the 4th all over again! It is the best month of the year!

I hope your holiday is as wonderful as I anticipate mine being!!


Jennie said...

how fun!!! when is your birthday? i love birthdays!!!

Happy 4th of July to You!!!

Lisa M. said...

JULY 14th, and she will be fourty four.

I love July 4th and it wouldn't be the same with OUT YOU.


You looked very sexy today-

melissa c said...

OK, that is NOt true! I am NOT turning 44! That was Bryan! I am still a very young 37!!!! or will be at least!