Wednesday, July 11, 2007

hello and goodbye!

I haven't written for a few days (obviously). It has been an up and down week, I'll tell you! We are leaving on our family trip of the summer and to make a long story short, the hubby decided he didn't have time to go on a trip at the last minute when we had been planning for months.

Well, you can probably guess how that conversation went if you know me well at all. To make a long story short, he has changed his mind. Lucky for him.

We leave Friday to get Jake and then go camping next week at a lake in Wyoming that is so beautiful but I can't remember what it is called.

Tash came over today, and you know, she makes that awesome jewelry, well, my sister was here and I had told Tash to bring her stuff and wow! S couldn't but enough! Loved it and had Tash make her some right then!

I was making curtains for my new, old camper and in the middle, my extremely expensive 65 dollar sewing machine broke! Dang! Lisa said she'd bring over hers and I am still waiting Lisa!!!! You better not forget me!!

Anyway, I am tired and want to relax so I think I will go play my heathen computer game! love you all! Bye!


Jennie said...

i am glad that you hubby changed his mind! you will have a great time!

Charlotte said...

Wyoming is SO beautiful--in spots.

(I'm a much bigger fan of Star Valley and Yellowstone than say . . .Rawlins)