Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New News

OK, there us entirely too much drama in my life. Get this. DCFS called yesterday. That is Department of Children and Family Services. R, Gabriel's birth mom had her other 3 children taken away again and not only that, but she just had a brand new baby 3 weeks ago that was premature like Gabe was and is in the hospital.

They wanted to know if we would take one or all of the kids since we already have Gabe. I had let my license laps since I figured I was done. I told the gal that we would take the baby but had no room to take the others. I just done have enough rooms or beds. Sad. Or sanity for that matter.

I hadn't even known that R was pregnant again. this makes 5 for her. Our worker is going to see if and how fast they can get my license active again because they want me to start going in to the hospital to hold and bond to the baby.

It is so sad to me. Our worker didn't know where R was and so I searched her out and found out that she is in jail so I will go see her. You see, our worker thinks they may be going for non-reunification. Which means the mother doesn't get him back but she is married now to this jerk that she supposedly left this last spring because he beats her all the time. He would probably make a stink about giving him up. His family is awful to deal with (we found out last time) and So to put it bluntly, I am going to ask her what her intentions are and if she would just let us adopt this baby and give him a better life.

Just think, if she still had Gabe, he'd be in a foster home right now. I am so glad she asked us to adopt him. It was his birthday yesterday. He is 3 and so adorable! Do you like the "no underpants picture"?

I'll let you know what happens.


Jeri said...

Gabe is adorable! Very photogenic. I really hope you are able to get the other baby. My 1st thought when I read this was that this was "your baby" that you lost back in February. I feel terrible for the other 3 kids. Don't you just wish you had the resources (physical emotional, and mental)to save every child that is sent to such difficult home lives. Gabe is one lucky little boy, and I hope the new baby is as lucky.

melissa c said...

I hope so too.

Charlotte said...

I had similar thoughts as Jeri about this being "your baby".

I hope hope hope it all works out.

Yolanda said...

How wonderful! What a blessing it will be for the baby, and you.

Yes...keep us updated!

Gabe is CUTE!!!

Lisa M. said...

VERY cool.

I just love you-

Jennie said...

how gabe is adorable! what fun he must be!

i hope all works out with "your" new baby!