Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oh my word!!! Get this! I opened up the dryer and I saw red! Literally. To make a long story short, Heidi had given Seth my dark red fingernail polish FOR SOME REASON and he had put it in his pocket. It was fine going through the wash I guess but had opened up in the dryer!

Believe me, I was furious! Mostly because I should have checked his pockets and didn't. He is famous for leaving stuff in his pockets. It didn't take long to get the truth out of them and I made Seth clean it up. He used my whole bottle of polish remover to do it too!. Man!

Luckily it was mostly his stuff that was ruined! Mostly old play clothes and NOTHING of mine was ruined because luckily I didn't have anything nice in that batch. He is very lucky too because.... well, I'll leave it to your imaginations!

I finished Jake's room today. He is in South Dakota visiting family you know, and I wanted to surprise him because his room was the only one I never got to when I re-painted and redecorated the whole house at Christmas. I did it in an army theme. I painted it two colors of tan which looks really good and bought a quilt set at Walmart with a quilt that is reversible and has a bed skirt and pillow shams to match. I bought the appliques to put on the walls and a throw pillow for his bed that goes with the decor! I also sewed him curtains to match. They came out a little crooked and that bugs me but maybe he won't notice that small detail. It looks SO good! He will be so happy and surprised! I hope!

It is amazing how just a little time makes something that was plain and boring, beautiful and fun. It was not hard work, just time consuming. And only a little time at that.

So that is what I have been doing. I would take a picture but I am too tired today!


Jennie said...

i can't wait to see pics of the army room! how incredibly cool! i am sure your son will love it!

wow... red nail polish! wow...

Lisa M. said...

I want pictures.

Ya gimp.

chronicler said...

I think that is always harder with boys. Girls get the polish all over themselves. The boys hide it in a pocket. Red, of course!