Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

What a fun holiday! A day to celebrate love! I used to hate Valentine's day. It seemed like I never had a boyfriend on the actual day of Valentine's!

For the past 13 years, I have! I love him more and more every year. We are VERY different though. Sometimes I feel we have nothing in common....and yet. The more time we are together, the more alike we become. Or at least we have learned to appreciate our differences.

This morning we gave a gift and card to each other. We had bought each other the same card!! Can you believe that? Out of all the cards they sell, we picked the same one. This is what it says....

"A soul mate is not the person most like us in all the world. A soul mate is the person in whose light we shine the brightest. Your love brings out the best in me."

I loved it. Simple and to the point. Yet it says it all. We bought each other a box of chocolates which is "sweet". He bought me sugar free hand made chocolates from the "Idle Isle" candy store. It is a store here in Brigham City that has the BEST candy. It is so thoughtful of Bry. I bought him a velvet box of truffles (hoping to share).

So....Happy Valentine's day to you all. I hope your day is as good as I think mine will be! Love you all!

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