Monday, February 25, 2008

Book Review

My book review at the moment is about the series "Out of Jerusalem". I am reading the 4th book as I have read the others a while ago.

The fourth book is called "Land of Inheritance". I absolutely LOVE it! It is difficult to lay down. I felt the same about the other 3. It is a story that really brings the Book of Mormon story of Lehi's family to life. It gives you a chance to imagine what it REALLY must have been like.

I have fought with my brothers and sisters and still do once in a while. I have never wanted to actually kill them. On the flip side, I have never had my life threatened either! How sad. It makes me look at my own little family. I worry if they will be faithful to the gospel. So many people grow up and lose the spirit. I so hope and pray that my children will choose to follow the prophet. Will choose to stay active. I can't imagine how Lehi must have felt to not only be a prophet but to have his 2 first born become so evil that they would try to kill their brother.

I can understand their jealousy. I might have felt jealous too. I actually have felt those same feelings. In my single years, I went to school with my little sister. We shared an apartment with 2 other friends of hers. She was tall, beautiful, popular, adored and every guy I liked, had a crush on her! Ya, it can be hard but I don't remember plotting her demise! lol

Anyway, it is human to have those feelings but at what point to we go beyond humanity? How sad for that family.

So, I highly recommend reading this series. It has really strengthened my testimony and desire to study the scriptures. Plus, it has a great plot and story line that keeps you wanting to read.


Jennie said...

i am so sorry that i have been such a bad blog friend! life has been a bit crazy! i promise to be better!

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Tonya said...

Sounds like a wonderful series. I will have to put it on my reading list. Thanks for the review.

Jennie said...

thanks for your post on my blog!

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