Thursday, January 17, 2008

Update on life

The latest news is that the birth mom of Wyatt wants to relinquish her parental rights but the birth dad won't. The judge won't sign for one to relinquish and not the other, so it goes to trial. What a pain. There is no way the judge will let him get the 2 kids because he is so screwed up, so a lot of money is just going to be wasted over the next few months.

I have a new church calling. I now teach the sunbeams. What an easy job. I have a partner I team teach with and I LOVE that! Bry was called to be an Elders quorum teacher so he'll do that once a month. Nothing like growing and learning.

The kids are all doing great. No body is sick which is a nice change from December. I haven't seen nor heard from my family much which is weird. We used to all be so close. Now we go weeks at a time with no communication. At least I do, living far enough away that I don't see them like they probably see each other living 5 min. apart. I guess we get busy with out lives and don't take the time. At least that is what I do. Sorry K, for missing Z's b-day! I had planned to call him when the kids all got home from school. I forgot once they came home. Happy 6 Z!!! I have a present for you!

So there it is. Even though I use a day timer, I still forget things! No excuse. Just an airhead. Yellows tend to be that way. Thank heavens for friends and family who love me anyway!

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Jennie said...

congrats on your new calling!

i hope all works out with wyatt!

and, i totally understand the not communicating with loved ones... i have realized that just because i talk to them as much doesn't mean that i love them any less!

good luck! love ya!