Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ryan Shay

Today I am remembering Heath Ledger. I have also had someone else on my mind quite a bit lately.

Ryan Shay.

Many people may not know who this guy is. He was young, full of life, had just gotten married and he LOVED to run.

He died at the November Olympic qualifying race. He had gone 5 1/2 miles and just dropped dead. Just like that. An amazing athlete who had run his whole life. His parents were both track coaches so Ryan grew up with it.

The thing that made him amazing was his drive. He never gave up, he never quit. He would run in any weather. He wanted to be one of the best and he was. He was amazing. He ran a marathon on the average 2 and a half hours.

They say he had an enlarged heart but many athlete's heart's are large just from fitness. Many normal doctors don't know this. If you are an elite athlete, go to a doctor that treats athletes. Anyway, He could have had a problem with an enlarged heart but no one knows. He just had a heart attack and died. Instantly.

It makes me think that when it is your time, it is your time. Sad, but I believe it is true. It is so hard to accept when it is someone young. How can you justify a child or young adult dying when there is so much they haven't yet experienced. It is not fair.

Someday we will hopefully understand it. For now, we cry, we feel jipped, we struggle and then we go on.


Yolanda said...

Still aching for Heath...

Isn't interesting all the "why"'s we end up with contemplating?

You are tagged....

Tonya said...

Sad story. I agree that when it's your time, it's your time.

Jennie said...

very touching... i have been thinking about heath too... so sad!

Jennie said...

very touching... i have been thinking about heath too... so sad!