Wednesday, January 09, 2008

From the mouths of babes.

I was in the car yesterday afternoon taking Heidi and a couple of other little girls to dance when Heidi blurts out....."I used to be a baby in my mom's tummy and I came out of her bottom and it hurt!"

Ya, that is one of those things that is far better left unsaid. When she was in the tub yesterday with Gabe, she said this, as I was picking up their dirty clothes, "I love your bottom, mommy. It's big like a dinosaur's."

Ok, so....we sit down and have a little talk about what is appropriate to say out loud. She is at that lovely age that all children never seem to skip where any thought comes pouring out of their mouths! Yikes! Heaven help me. I will have to go through it 2 more times after her!

Please keep me in your prayers.


Tonya said...

Oh I hear ya sister. Yesterday, my son told one of our home teachers that he needed to go take a shower because he stinks. Yeah, I need a hole to crawl into after that one.

Jennie said...

lol! good luck! don't ya just love those kiddos!

S'mee said...

When our oldest was three he was given a special Father's Day assignment to talk in Sacrament Meeting about his dad. He opened with: "My dad is the best. My dad works at the dump..."
WHAT? HOW? WHAT??? Not that there is anything wrong about working at the city dump, but Thor had specific training and, well, didn't! We finally figured out that he put Thor coming home on Saturday and telling #1 "Let's go to work!" and then putting all the rubbish tins in the back of a truck and taking them out to the dump. lol we still laugh about that one.

Yolanda said...

We were at my mom's last year for Thanksgiving, and my mom, dad, sister and I were all talking. K came up, and I said, "Here is my favorite eldest son...I never have to worry about anything...!" He then, takes me into his arms, turns, and says to everyone, "Mom is great, too--Except when I have to tell her not to swear!"

melissa c said...

Yolanda! I have to laugh at that! My son has said the same thing! I am really working on the swearing thing but old habits die hard!!! lol