Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

I love this man.

There comes a prophet only once in a while that can touch you like this man did. Words can not even do him justice. The whole world loved him, whether they were members or not.

I will definitely feel a void now with him gone. I almost feel sorry for the next president of the church. How can anyone even compare? The apostles are all great men but I feel for who ever is next. What must he be feeling? How could anyone fill Pres. Hinckley's shoes like he did!? I know that who ever comes next is destined for great things but man, how scary!

I want who are out there to know that I know this man was a prophet. I would follow him anywhere he wanted me to. I will try throughout my life to do everything he told us to do. I want to be able to hang out with him someday. To make that happen, I have a lot of work and improvement to do!

After I heard the news of his passing, I tried to imagine what it was like on the other side as everyone came to welcome him home! The emotion I felt when I imagined this made me cry. I wish I could have been there to see it. I imagined Jesus there with a huge smile on his face, his arms open wide saying "well done, my good and faithful servant!"

We love you, Gordon B. Hinckley! We can't wait to see you again!


Yolanda said...

A wonderful tribute...A wonderful life...A wonderful example to follow...

Great post!
xo yolanda

S'mee said...

I love this man very much. I will miss him tremendously. That said, I am confident that "little Tommy Monson"* will bring us a Spirit of welcome and love as did President Hinckley. I am sure his burden is great right now, I pray for him as well. I am SO grateful to a Heavenly Father who guides this church.

thanks you for your tribute.

*Whenever I hear Pres. Monson I hear his voice retelling a story about his boyhood where he refers to himself as "little Tommy Monson", it broke my heart then as it does, especially, now.

Jennie said...

this is a beautiful tribute!

beloved... yes, he is beloved!