Friday, January 04, 2008

I have entirely too much drama in my life. I would actually prefer, as I have said before, to lead a quiet, boring life for the most part. But it does seem like, as life happens, that drama may be inevitable.

Yesterday Seth had outpatient surgery for a curved "private" part. He was very brave and my sister who works at Primary Hospital, came with us on her day off. What a nice way to spend your day your job! lol

Anyway, she knew all the doctors and was able to go in with him as he was put to sleep and while he woke up which they don't let parents do. It made a whole world of difference for him.

I sat in the parents waiting room mostly just reading and wondering why it was taking so long. As a parent, we sit there and get more and more worried the longer it takes. We start to let our imaginations run wild. It is very stressful.

All went well, everything went perfectly. Now he is home and is just very sore as he was circumcised besides the straightening. Poor thing. But better now than later I guess. He has stitches all around and on top to keep it straight forever.

It is pretty wild the technology we have now. What did those people do a long time ago? Just never have a healthy sex life? Never have kids? Always uncomfortable? Sad. I am so grateful for the science we have that makes our lives better. I am so grateful for my little Seth who did great and who charmed everyone at the hospital. He thought it was great to be able to play Nintendo at a hospital.

Now he gets to stay home and be pampered for the weekend! He thinks that is great too!


melissa c said...

Thank you Charlotte for your comment. Charlotte sent an email due to her comment's personal nature.

Thanks again and I hear ya!!

Jennie said...

i am so glad that everything went well!

we have so much to be grateful for... living in this day and age...

S'mee said...

I think it is amazing what can be accomplish now. It seems that our 5 kids were in and out (and for one or two of them...STILL) of the hospitals, always fixing something!

I hope the recovery goes well.