Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who loves "the Rock"?

I just watched the movie "Grid Iron Gang". My movie review would be very positive. I love those inspirational stories. They always seem to involve foot ball. Have you noticed that? I think it was a true story. They made it sound that way but I have been wrong before.

I do have to say that I LOVE "the Rock". That man makes me melt just to look at him. There is something about him, and I have always felt that way. I love to watch his movies just to watch him! Now, I don't feel too bad about it. I have never felt guilty noticing beautiful people. I have eyes for heavens sake. I especially like black men. I love the way they are built and move and look.

Bryan loves oriental women. I had no idea about that until a few years ago. Now we tease each other because neither of us resembles those nationalities.

Now, the Rock is a mix. I think I heard he's part Samoan, part causation (?) and part black. It is a beautiful mixture. He is physically perfect in every way in my eyes! Anyway, the thing I really like is that he seems like such a good man on the inside too.

Kind of like Arnold Swartzenager (sp?). A big hulk of a man, making action moves who starts doing family movies. I love that. I love the action movies too but I really love the inspiration these icons can be if they let themselves.

I love to see people who are a great influence on others, especially the youth, using that to be a good example. Now I mean a good example as far as the world goes. The world need noticeable, famous people out there doing the right things. It is watched and it is noticed.

I hope and pray that there will continue to be more and more of those people out there. Maybe we all can be.

This movie has swearing that I wouldn't let my kids see. It's rated pg-13, so be careful of who you let watch it but I recommend it.

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