Sunday, October 07, 2007

Idiot tube meme

1. What TV show have you seen every episode of?
I would have to say Mash. Loved that one. That show made my laugh and cry. There were stories that to make you wet your pants and other to brake your heart.

2. What show makes you laugh until you cry? I would say Seinfeld. Loved that one too. That is one show I could watch again and again.

3. What show do you wish had not been canceled?
American Super Heroes. That was a personal favorite as a kid. Do you remember that one? "Wonder twin powers....... activate!....form of....shape of...." Where did all those great role model cartoons go? Why do we have to watch Pokemon and those other stupid shows now? Mind you, my kids don't get too. I don't like those cartoons.

4. What show do you wish WOULD be canceled?
I think I would get hate mail if I were honest but I guess I will be brave. I think that most HBO series should go, I think Desperate Housewives is smutty. I used to watch it but it got to the point where I just couldn't take their stupidity, backbiting and selfishness anymore. I really don't think those kinds of shows are that entertaining. Please, no comments on this one.

5. Who is your favorite TV character, either past or present? There is more than one. I can't just pick one. Andy Griffith is a go as S'mee pointed out. The first one to come to my mind would be Bill Cosby. Through out television history, hasn't Bill been there? From Fat Albert to the Cosby show. Such a funny, honest, good man. Where have these men gone? Why don't we have shows on that these men would star in anymore. Or at least men LIKE them.

I honestly don't watch much tv anymore. I do like the show Heros and House but off the rest of the top of my head, nothing comes to mind!!

I tag, Lisa, Yolanda, Charlotte, Jeri, Jenny, and anyone else who wants to do it! I stole it from s'mee!!!


s'mee said...

Ah, we just got a "dish" a few years ago to watch Conference, then poof, no BYU, where did it go? Never had cable. Whatever. Point here is that when we do have dish we still only have but a few stations, no HBO, so I have missed out on a lot of junk I think! lol

thanks for playing!

Lisa M. said...

Hey Missy, I gave you an award, you need to come get it, and I tagged you for another MeMe, (which came from Miss S'mee-) goodness.

I thought this was fun!

Yolanda said...

I, too, loved the Cosby Show...but remember...Bill Cosby had a sexual harassment suit against him, to which I believed he I'm not sure about the "honest, good man " part!

Jennie said...

did i say... amen to #4!!!!