Monday, October 08, 2007

Splurge/Save meme

"10 things I splurge on, 10 things I save on" meme

OK, this is a toughie. If I were my little sister, it would be easier! Let's see....I splurge on...

Winder dairy. I love their milk. The skim tastes like 2%. I love their bread too. . I love good food. The problem is that I don't love to cook. I never look at prices of food. I get what I really want. Except on cold cereal. I do price that stuff.

I splurge on shoes. I don't even bat an eye spending a hundred bucks on shoes. I don't have a lot of pairs, but I do have nice ones! lol

Makeup. I do use Mary Kay, because I used to sell it. Although I seldom wear makeup any more. I'm too d@$& lazy.

On trips. When I get them. I feel you should take plenty of money to really have fun. What is the point of going if you can't enjoy it because you don't have the money?

Restaurants. I love to eat out. I would eat out for every meal if I could. It doesn't bother me a bit to go out to eat when there is food at home!

Movies... and I always get popcorn. I used to date a guy who would never buy it because he thought it was too expensive. He is also the same guy who would conveniently forget his wallet on dates and I would have to pay. I don't know why it took me so long to figure out what a dud he was.

TV. I get the dish. I like having variety. We also get Comcast high speed internet. That is something I could never live without now.

My new baby. I have spent a lot of money on him and he isn't even officially mine yet. But I don't want to miss out on the whole experience just because I don't know if we will keep him. I really regret that with Gabe. With Wyatt, we have named him, bought lots of cute clothes, I got his portraits taken last week, and am definitely letting my feelings run wild with him.

That is all I can think of with splurging.

Saving is easy. I am married to the thriftiest man alive. We never have bought a new car and never will. I shop at Walmart most of the time or my new favorite, Bukoos. We save on yard work stuff by never doing it!!

I buy the cheapest cold cereal I can. My kids love to snack on it and it is gone too fast to spend a fortune.

Gasoline. I buy at Maverick or Flying J.

Gads. It's hard to think of what I save on!!! There isn't much!!! I like things to be fast and convenient and that usually means more expensive!

I tag anyone who reads this!!!!


Lisa M. said...

You forgot a few things.

You shop a lot at the DI. Which is obviously a savings. You also give to the DI, which is really neat. I love that about you-

You also yard sale occasionally. Again, something I love about you-

I think you also avoid a lot of pitfalls on purchasing things you don't need. I've watched you do that a thousand times.

I think you do pretty well.

I really wish I could get comcast highspeed internet, and I really wish that I could gather up the courage to splurge on winder dairy.

melissa c said...

All I can say is I LOVE YOU Lisa!

Jennie said...

how fun!

i love this list!!

how fun... i should do this!!