Saturday, October 20, 2007

We have a turkey. She has become a pet to us . All the animals like her and she follows you around during feeding time. She is huge and so sweet.

The funny thing is, I usually don't do the feeding. Bry does. I used to be out with the animals a lot more than I do now. I don't know why, I just don't go out much. But Bry and Jake are gone for the weekend hunting so I HAVE to do it.

She came up to me this morning calling out wanting to eat. I petted her all over and she followed me back to her bowl and stood there waiting just like the dogs do! It was so funny to me!

The animals are peaceful and I always feel bad in the winter that they can't come inside. I hate it that it is cold and wintry for them.

I may not spend much time with them but I do love them and I really enjoy what they give us humans. Their lives are so simple. So basic. Eat, poop, lay eggs, chase birds, eat bugs, graze. You know. Simple. Thank heavens for simple things.

They keep me balanced and remind me to be happy and to enjoy the sunset. You know?

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