Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Too much drama

It's done! He's all mine! MINE! MINE! MINE! No one can take my baby away from me! It feels sooooo goood!!

It was one of those times where going to court is such a positive thing. The judge was so cool and everyone was happy and the feeling was light. The birth mom came which I am told is very unusual. We took pictures with her and with the judge and everyone else. It was happy. The boyfriend of the birth mom came with her. I said hi to him and was polite but didn't go out of my way to sit and talk with him. He just wasn't my focus. He was the legal father of G but no blood relation. anyway, right after court he must have gone home and told his mom something because when we got home there was a message on my machine telling me off and that she didn't know what they had ever done to us but that I had no right ot be so rude to her son. She went on and on, even swearing at me and saying it wasn't her sons fault that the birth mom gave up her baby and that her son would have raised him.
You know, I have never had a call like that. It is no wonder every one of her kids is really screwed up. I actually started to laugh and went and got my husband to listen to it too. We both laughed. It's entirely too much drama for me. Some people thrive on it though. They need a constant crisis to feel alive I guess. I am not going to respond to the call. I think that is what she wants. I really don't care. She is not even related and I really wouldn't mind never seeing her again. Is that bad or what?
I did just find our that the birth mom is about 16 weeks pregnant again. It is so very sad.
Well, see ya later!


Anonymously Yours... said...

I had very wise counsel when confronted with a similar situation..."There is no reason to address/confront/talk to this person because it would extend yourself to them...and why would you want to invite that type of person into your life?"

I can no longer have children, and it saddens me when I hear of people who take the miracle of being able to create a baby, and make it tragic. Thank heaven you were able to take this precious spirit into your family!! I would be interested in your story about how you came to get your new addition, in that my husband and I have contemplated adopting ourselves...Congratulations, again!!

Lisa M. said...

People are stupid.

I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

First I want to congratulate you of your finalization. Remember that he is your son now and to bond with him like he was your own flesh and blood.

I know a little bit about all this because I am a birth mom. I have to say that I am sorry that the birth parents were there, they shouldn't have been. That is not a good thing for them to see. It would have destroyed me. It was your very very special day that I feel they had no place sharing in.

I am very sorry that the birth grandma left such a stupid message. It was stupid. I really truly mean that. But please remember that because you have a son she no longer has a grandson and thus her drama. My mother still hurts for her lost grandson and we had a very healthy adoption 10 years ago. It sounds like she needs counseling not laughing at. Your joy brings so much pain to so many . . . not something to be taken lightly.

melissa c said...

Thank you for your comments. It wasn't the birth grandma though, it was the mom of the boy who claimed to be the father but really wasn't. It will be ok.