Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a few loves

I made the mistake the other night of watching "Gothica" right before bed. Normally, I love scary movies. I love scary books too. I went through all of Stephen Kings, and John Sauls a few years back. Anyway, Gothica is not the movie to watch in the dark! I had seen it before but man, it freaked me out! My husband finally told me that if I didn't quit jumping and screaming, he was going to turn it off. (he was already asleep, see) It was so fun though!
When B and I watch tv together, it is always on the history channel. I have to admit, since being married to B, I have been educated on all levels. I notice old cars now which I never used to. B is an upholterer and loves to re-do old cars. He's very good. I also know all of Hank williams and all their jr's, music too. Any old country music is common in our house. I now know how to take care of horses and all other animals pretty much and he even taught me how to do laundry when we were first married! How sick is that? He is a way better cook and I am always calling him at work to ask how to cook some particular thing. I love being married to someone smarter than me. Anyway, love that guy! Love nature and love cable tv!!!


Anonymously Yours... said...

I love the fact that our husbands can be the "ying" to our "yang..." (or is it the other way around?). My husband and I are COMPLETE OPPOSITES in most things, but in all the "serious" or important/eternal stuff, we are completely on the same page! We always joke that if I married someone exactly like me, that we would rip each other apart (I'm very aggressive : >) and if he married someone like him, nothing would get done!!

Lisa M. said...

I read this, and thought I commented on it the other day! Sheesh.

I think you and B make a very good couple. Truly I do.