Thursday, June 04, 2009

Summer vacation

Well, it's the first day of summer vacation and we are starting it off right! I have all the kids helping me to clean the house! I'm going to do it different this summer. First thing, everyone cleans every room together every morning. It' shouldn't take too long if everyone helps. That way, it gets done fast. Tomorrow we'll tackle the basement.

Then we'll have a rest time. Wyatt will sleep and the other kids can read or do school work etc... That way, they'll stay caught up and have a time to relax. This is also good for me. lol

I have the boys signed up for tumbling this summer and Heidi is doing dance which she loves. They all will start swimming lessons on the 22nd.

We don't have any big trips planned which is why I wanted something for them to look forward to each week. They are super excited.

For me, I have decided to do things a bit differently too. Normally, I love to soak in a hot bath in the morning to relax tight muscles. No more. I think it makes me too lethargic and while I'm already battling fatigue, I'll only take baths at night. Also, someone told me to drink milk at night and that helps you sleep. Hot or cold, it doens't matter. I tried it last night and I didn't sleep too bad. That is until Seth came upstairs at 2 in the morning to use the bathroom and knocked a glass onto the floor. I was awake for about an hour, but was able to go back to sleep, kind of. Not bad though for not taking any sleep aid.

I'm going to try to work out at least three times a week as soon as my broken toe feels better. I think if I get my endurance up, I'll handle it all better. I'd thought about getting an antidepressant because this chronic fatigue is really bringing me down, but I sat down this morning to research in depth about it all and have decided against it. In severe cases, medication helps a lot, but they have found that in mild cases, it didn't, no matter what kind you used. Having someone to talk to usually did the trick for mild to moderate cases of depression. So, I will take really good vitamins, work out as much as I can, relax as much as I can and go from there. The side affects are just too much. I already can't sleep, I don't want it to be worse. I don't want headaches and in the past, I always got terrible migraines on antidepressants, the possible sexual side affects aren't too alluring either.

I hope it's a good plan. I think it is, so I'll you know how it all works out. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow so I'm sure everything will look rosier just because of that!


Amy said...

Good luck with the plans. We have managed to do most of ours-so far. Summer is great but so hard at the same time.

Sheila said...

Hi it's me visiting your blog! You make me laugh! I wish that we lived closer to each other to just hang out. I am so glad that you entered my drawing. :)