Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics 2008

Is there a more exciting time for our world than right now? Our whole planet has come together with a common goal. I love the Olympics!

On Friday night, I had all my little kiddies sitting around me, a big bowl of buttery popcorn on our laps, enjoying one of the most magnificent shows they would ever see.

Like the rest of the world, I have never seen an open quite like it. What precision! It was so amazing and then to realize that people were in those boxes! I heard that they had been practicing those box movements for months and had NEVER gotten it completely right until the night of the performance!

I watched Michael Phelps take his first Gold and the look on his face made it a priceless moment. I find myself glued to the TV most of the day! I don't want to miss a thing!

I watched gymnastics yesterday and wow! How incredible these athletes are. I watched the men's volleyball and how devastated they were to lose their match. I loved the swimming or course and never knew that Michael Phelps had started training at 11! I loved watching his mother during his race! I was practically out of my seat myself, cheering him on!

I plan on seeing as much of the competitions as I can and I want my kids to watch too. These games are important and I want my kids to feel that. They have watched with me most of the time and they find themselves just as excited as me!



Jennie said...

i had recorded the opening ceremony and just watched it this morning!

how amazing! i loved it!

Josi said...

Would you believe our direct TV went out on Thursday--and they can't come fix it until Tuesday. We found a 'synopsis' of the opening ceremonies on youtube and it looked amazing, but I'm not happy about my technical difficulties. I wonder if Direct TV will refund us part of our bill since our equipment went out?

Lisa M. said...

I missed the opening ceremonies. I hate that.

I am so excited for the Olympics. LOVE THEM.

I hate China.

WATCH for Water Polo!

The USA beat China, both the men and the womans. The second game is tomorrow for both!


Watch a match if you can!

Yolanda said...

I LOVE the Summer Olympics...My favorite is watching the gymnastics...I have such fond memories of watching them when I was a kid...I caught Phelps winning...WOW!