Friday, August 29, 2008

News from the mermaid!

I swam again this morning and I went to the Tremonton pool. I have to say, I did like it better. There were only 5 other people there as compared to the Brigham pool which had a bit more than that.

The water was warm and smooth and it felt so good to glide through it. I am improving. I used to be the kind of swimmer who couldn't stand to have water in her nose and I am completely cured of that!

Plus, I have a tendency to only want to breath on the left side when I do free style. It feels better. Natural. Comfortable. But it isn't good to be stuck having to do something in only one way. It makes you a prisoner. In more things than just swimming. So I practiced breathing on the right side. It was tough at first. I thought I would drown. I kept breathing in water because I didn't tilt enough but I finally got it. I got to the point where I would do the left side for one lap and the right for a lap. THAT IS HUGE PROGRESS FOR ME!!!! I do still have to rest after each lap. Embarrassing.

But this is huge. First of all, I am making myself get up and get to the pool by 5 am!!! I have to go that early if I want to be home to get my kids ready for school and do Heidi's hair and breakfast etc...., then I drive 11 miles, which is big because I tend to want to do things the easy way and driving in the early morning, in the dark when I'd rather be in bed is big.

Then I let water in my nose as I swim laps! I let people see me in a swim suit, which I don't think is a pretty sight! So all in all, I AM WAY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!!!

I highly recommend it! Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable! But so healthy in every way!


Yolanda said...

What a liberating morning!! Great way to start off your day!! Keep it up!!

Lisa M. said...

Tuesday, it is a date. FIVE am, I will be in your dumb driveway!

Love ya.

Thanks for helping me, be the best, I can be.

melissa c said...

okey doky!