Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How many of you out there in cyber space believe in Karma? You know, all the good or bad things you have done come back to you.

Or maybe you believe that bad things happen in threes. I am not superstitious but I have to admit, when things happen, you wonder.

Today, and you will not believe this, but I think I broke my toe. My big toe. I will not even tell you how I hurt it. It is too embarrassing but suffice it to say, I hurt it at about 11:00am and it is now almost 5pm and I still can't walk on it.

I taped it and put ice on it and all the things you are supposed to do but it hasn't helped much.

So this, I believe is the third thing. Nothing more will happen, right? There goes my running schedule I was just getting used to again.

If it weren't so awful, I wouldn't be able to laugh. Which is all I have done today. I just can't believe it. All my sins are coming back to bite me and believe me, there are plenty! I bet my sisters can name a few hundred! Of course, they will probably not read this. No one in my family does usually. So they will miss a good laugh.

Of course, I do get to sit on my bed, watch TV, order my kids to bring me food etc! There are benefits if you like living in a messy house that no one cleans but you!

OK, I better stop while I am ahead! I need to go eat some bon bons now. See you all later.


Charlotte said...

Heaven help you!

Yolanda said...

Maybe this was karma making sure that you would actually take a break?!

Anyone who has to endure a root-canal, or ANY dental procedure, should get a few points extra in the karma department!!

Keep popping the ibuprofen, and get yourself some fun flip-flops!

Ambie T. said...

Oh M- I must know how it happened. I agree with Yolanda... it must be time to slow down!

PS: I don't think past sins come back to haunt you, not when you fully use the atonement.