Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"I'd rather have a root canal." You know that phrase. People say it when they don't want to do something and want you to know just how much they don't want to.

Let me give you all a little advice. Do the other thing! I had a "partial" root canal today. I say partial because he didn't finish it.

You know how on some of those back teeth you have 3 stems or so. Well, on this tooth, he thinks there may be 5! He wants me to go to a specialist who has a microscope and small enough tools to get in there. My dentist says at least one of those other stems is starting to calcify which is normal when you age and that his tools aren't small enough.

Lovely. So he put a temporary filling in. After the numbing wore off, I ate a sugar cookie (yes I hate to admit that but I did run this morning!) and it pushed the filling in so I can feel the whole in my tooth. It hurt when it happened too.

I called the dentist and he said that was OK as long as it went in and didn't fall out! Yea. He took out most of the nerve and stuff but there are still those other stems that he couldn't do so it may feel sore.

K, let me just say that I don't want to hurt anymore. Did you know that when you have chronic pain, it causes brain cells to die on a rapid, daily basis!!! This is scientifically proven!!


So I go to Texas next week with my friend for a fun filled vacation with a hole in my tooth. Not to mention I have to pay cash because I don't have dental insurance.

I think it is karma. It is coming back to bit me in the butt. (Ever watch "My name is Earl"?)

Anyway, I am keeping a positive attitude. It could be worse. I could have no teeth at all. I could have a big space there where a tooth should be. My teeth could be black and dying! So there it is! Not so bad after all! Yippee!


S'mee said...

I didn't know about the chronic pain/loss of brain cells connection...but man does that answer a lot of questions for ME! sorry about that root canal. gives me shivers to think about it.

Ambie T. said...

Oh-oh... was this done by Ed's favorite dentist???

melissa c said...

as a matter of fact, yes! What a surprise right?

Luckily, they said I don't have to pay them, just the other dentist who finishes it.

Ambie T. said...

I am so sorry! Another reason for Ed to vent...

Lisa M. said...


Are you kidding me?

You are going to Texas?

Where the hell have I been and Why the hell am I NOT going with you?

You have other friends?

oh good heavens.