Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Good afternoon friends. Well, my progress is moving smoothly in the reading of the B of M. I had to read 24 pages yesterday because I "forgot" the day before. I really love, and prefer to read the book of Mormon like a Novel. It keeps the story line together. I am amazed how much Nephi left out of his narrative though. I don't know all he left out, but my gut feeling is quite a bit. I do highlight what really touches me though.

I am surprised that I actually "get" the Isaiah part. It seems like in the past, it would go over my head. Especially when I read it in Spanish during my mission. I am SOOOO grateful I went on a mission. I think I learned so much more than I taught anyone one else. I also think it was a blessing in the fact that I married a convert who didn't go on one. He was 31 when he got baptized and we got married. The knowledge has been invaluable. It makes reading through so much more enjoyable because I don't get stuck wondering what something means. Not that I know everything, but it has been clear in my mind this time around.

My kids love seeing my read. It makes them want to read too. I love it. I feel happier and more relaxed during my day when I read too. It's funny how we forget that feeling when we let ourselves go for a while.

So, I was up all night coughing last night. Bry gave me his cold. It was terrible. I had to keep a cough drop in my mouth all night or I would cough. Swallowing made it worse! GRRRRR! I need lots of sleep to function so let me tell you, I'm not functioning today!

Well, that's all folks! See you later!

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