Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peach Days

This is one of the best times of the year. Peaches, among other fruits are falling off the trees.

Northern Utah, mainly Box Elder County, is famous for Peach days. It is a 3 day celebration with booths, rides, food, a car show (that we never miss) and above all, peach cobbler!

It is the best peach cobbler you will ever eat.

The day started out with the parade. The kids rode on a little cart with our adopted grandpa (a man in our ward who we love) and me, my sister, nephew and baby watched. I sat with Lisa for a while too as she was in the shade and we weren't.

It was a 2 1/2 hour parade as usual. My favorite part is watching the runners who are finishing the 10k run past before the parade starts. That part actually brings tears to my eyes. I wish I could do it. Maybe next year.

That evening, Bry and I went on our date night to Peach Days. I ate a Navajo taco and of course, peach cobbler which had a wonderful dip of vanilla ice cream on top. WAY fattening but irresistible. You can't go to Peach Days and not have cobbler. I couldn't even finish mine! But it was SO tasty and hot with that cold ice cream on top. My mouth waters now just thinking of it.

We saw Gus's Grandma there with his older brother who is being taken care of by her son and daughter in law. They would love to adopt their nephew but who knows?

All in all, it was so much fun and a great date! I am now sad that it is over.

I wonder if they will keep celebrating peach days when there are no more orchards that grow peaches. It is an issue that is killing me. These old farmers are dying and their kids just want the money from the property. More and more orchards are being hewn down. Where do people think our food in the stores comes from? Don't people realize if we wipe out corn fields, orchards, and other food sources, that it won't just appear of the grocery shelf miraculously? I hate every field I drive by that is blue staked. I am disgusted by it. My husband would give anything to be a farmer if we had the money to buy the land, but here in Honeyville, a 5 acre lots is going for over 200 thousand.

Life is not fair. But let me tell you, this is why you need a food storage. We are paving paradise and putting up parking lots!


Lisa M. said...

It was fun watching the parade with you, and it was fun seeing your cute family.

I enjoyed Susan and her son too (can't recall his name)

I agree with the entire farming problem, and so would Miss Chronicler. It's an epidemic.

When I hear people complaining about the price of fresh fruits and veggies it makes my blood boil.

Yet, I have to watch my pocketbook too.

It's a complication and a catch 22, but I agree, someday, we'll be with out food, and then.. I wonder, if everyone's 5 acres of manicured lawns, and their 7,000 square foot homes are going to have the same value as an automobile did, during the great depression.

Peach Days, is always a love hate thing with me.

I love the celebration of the harvest, and yet, with it brings the coming of the winter season.

I am so grateful to live in a place where we have definitive seasons.

Tonya said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful tradition and just reading about the cobbler is making me soooooo hungry.

We have a lot of farm lands around where we live and I've seen the same thing happening. It is sad to see.

Jennie said...

i love peach days! i was bummed that i wasn't able to go this year! however, my mom came down for the weekend and we had a marvelous time!

the parade and the boothes are my favorite part!

next year for sure!

Lammy said...

OMGOSH! I just went with my friends from GERMANY! How cool would it have been if I saw Lisa and yoU!
Best peaches I'd ever had.